It's that time again

Yes, time for another 30-day drawing challenge. Red Vines for everyone! I found a new list over at Sarah Grissom's blog which is mostly different from the last time I did this thing.


Day 1: Self portrait
Day 2: Cloud
Day 3: Favorite plant
Day 4: Something blue
Day 5: Something you don't like
Day 6: Favorite movie
Day 7: Something from a high angle
Day 8: Something from a low angle
Day 9: Someone you love
Day 10: Favorite fairy tale
Day 11: Favorite animal
Day 12: Something green
Day 13: Something you miss
Day 14: Favorite book
Day 15: Just a doodle
Day 16: Scenery
Day 17: Something orange
Day 18: Favorite animated character
Day 19: A place you want to go
Day 20: A bad habit
Day 21: Something pink
Day 22: Childhood memory
Day 23: Eyes
Day 24: Faceless self portrait
Day 25: Black and white
Day 26: Hands
Day 27: Silhouette
Day 28: Favorite song
Day 29: Mythical creature
Day 30: Inspiration

Starting this Saturday, June 15th, the journey begins. Join me! Red-eye raccoon might just give you a piece of her licorice. Or hit you. It's really not very clear, is it. Please feel free to share links to your drawings in the comments.  See you Saturday!

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