Day 14: Favorite Book

I love Smile A Lot by Nancy Carlson.  My favorite part is the frog's grinny teeth. It's a children's book about dealing with everyday disappointments and looking on the bright side of the situation. For instance, "if your mom made oatmeal again for breakfast, smile a lot! Ask if you can help her make chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow. Then figure out what to do with your oatmeal." Nancy then illustrates the frog spoon-feeding the oatmeal to his younger sibling.

I thought the message applies well to adults too.

If you didn't make it through the last round of lay-offs,

Smile a lot! You'll probably eat better on food stamps anyway.

If that cute guy you really like "just isn't interested" in you,

Smile a lot! It turns out he has herpes.

If your school-aged children are making a scene at the store,

Smile a lot! Everybody is judging you for having not enough or too many children anyway.

It really is a good book. 

*disclaimer, none of these stock photos are mine. I stole them from the internet.

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