Day 1: Self Portrait

A self portrait begs the question, "Who am I?". These days I'm not so sure. I used to be somebody, but with all the night waking, the lack of sleep, the incessant nature of parenting small children, the dishes, and fighting waves of ant-driven attacks after a light rain, I think I forgot. Here is a picture of me trying to draw at wrong-thirty in the morning.

And lately I feel a little like this.

Just a little. So I figured the best way to draw who I am right now is by looking closely at what I do. After all, "our actions define us", said someone of renown who I'm sure just heard it at a bus stop or something. And if there's anything I do a lot, it's stay-at-home-mom. Yes, I just used that as a verb.

Also, I'm not afraid to meme myself (verbified again!), so here you go.


Join me in this 30-day drawing challenge! Feel free to post links to your own daily drawing challenge in the comments.

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