The Domestic Warrior Comic

It's here. Call it a creative outlet. Call it a hyperbolic pseudo-blog. Call it a webcomic. It's about a girl, let's call her Pagette, and it's called Domestic Warrior.

In many ways the internet had this coming because there are many nerds who are now mothers and some of them can doodle and some of them need somewhere to put their imaginations and one of them is me.

I also have a newborn now and newborns can make two-handed tasks (like drawing pictures and sharing them on the internet) take a very long time when one of your two hands has to be a knee or a mouth because your other hand is holding a baby.  Also, newborns eat a lot. And mine eats constantly, so I thought it would be appropriate to introduce Pagette's infant son, let's call him Miles, for the launch.

Check it out at www.domesticwarriorcomic.blogspot.com.

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