Blast from the Past: That One Time I Got A Dog

My dog is such a liar.

We were at the animal shelter and went over to this particularly sweet-looking and affectionate puppy. Our conversation went something like this:

"Ohwwww, look at meee [sad eyes], I'm so saaaaad [pout], only you can bring love back into my liiiiife [sadder eyes]."

"Aw, look at this guy! Hey buddy [head pets]. What a sweet guy you are! Hey, he's not trying to jump on me or lick me to death. That's a good sign."

"[Single timid lick] Oh thank you, human [restrained wag]! I am a poor abandoned dog just wanting the companionship of a nice person like you [sad eyes]. I am a good boy. I am sweet and calm [activate manipulation ray]. I'm mild-mannered and manageable."

"Oh what a sweet puppy! You're so calm and mild-mannered. We could totally mange this."

"You will take me outside to play even though you have already decided to take me home [poker face, mild wag]."

"Excuse me sir, can we take this guy out back to throw a ball?"

He was very good in the car. But as soon as we got home the gloves came off.  Within the first few weeks he ate an entire leather purse [why?], shoes, drywall, 60%-70% of a couch, scratched up two doors, dug holes and we still can't pet him without first being slobbered on and licked profusely.

But he was cute. So I sketched him a lot. Here are some my favorites:

He started minding his manners after a few months, but it seems I became immune to his manipulations too late because we somehow own TWO dogs.

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Laura said...

I love these! Thanks for sharing your talent - you are amazing!