Blast from the Past: Lt. Dana Sterling

Many of you Robotech fans may [or may not] appreciate my fan art tribute to the Lieutenant from the Masters series (I know, Macross Saga was wayyy better) who is both saucy and annoying. Dana Sterling is technically half alien.


Blast from the Past: That One Time We Got A Wii


At the time, I was working for a part-government part-private agency as webmaster/ graphic artist/ writer-of-articles/ [insert flavored title here]. I would draw these to clear my head.  9-to-5's and I have never been very good friends.


Blast from the Past: That One Time I Got A Dog

My dog is such a liar.

We were at the animal shelter and went over to this particularly sweet-looking and affectionate puppy. Our conversation went something like this:

"Ohwwww, look at meee [sad eyes], I'm so saaaaad [pout], only you can bring love back into my liiiiife [sadder eyes]."

"Aw, look at this guy! Hey buddy [head pets]. What a sweet guy you are! Hey, he's not trying to jump on me or lick me to death. That's a good sign."

"[Single timid lick] Oh thank you, human [restrained wag]! I am a poor abandoned dog just wanting the companionship of a nice person like you [sad eyes]. I am a good boy. I am sweet and calm [activate manipulation ray]. I'm mild-mannered and manageable."

"Oh what a sweet puppy! You're so calm and mild-mannered. We could totally mange this."

"You will take me outside to play even though you have already decided to take me home [poker face, mild wag]."

"Excuse me sir, can we take this guy out back to throw a ball?"

He was very good in the car. But as soon as we got home the gloves came off.  Within the first few weeks he ate an entire leather purse [why?], shoes, drywall, 60%-70% of a couch, scratched up two doors, dug holes and we still can't pet him without first being slobbered on and licked profusely.

But he was cute. So I sketched him a lot. Here are some my favorites:

He started minding his manners after a few months, but it seems I became immune to his manipulations too late because we somehow own TWO dogs.


Blast from the Past

I was flipping through my old college stuff and found a folder full of drawings I had stored away from my post-degree/pre-children era. I thought I'd share these magical pieces of history on the blog. I considered turning it into some sort of look-at-stuff-I-drew!-month, but beh. I'll post more in the ensuing weeks as they come along.

So. Allow me to introduce the first in a very short miniseries, "The Adventures of Paige, Married". Volume 1.

Click for full view
I'm not sure what I'm pointing to in the second panel, or why we are the biggest people in the movie theater, but at least nobody is obstructing our view.

See the original sketch.