Bared Teeth

She's done!

Sooner than expected, too. You can also see the progression in my Deviant Art gallery. This was a fun study. Enjoy!

Bared Teeth in Flat Color

Okay. I'm getting excited about this.

Seeing it in flat color is a bit weird compared to what it originally was.  I'm ahead of schedule so I'll post the full version in a little bit.


Bared Teeth in Ink

Here she is in all her angry, inky glory.

There are a few methods to inking and the best ones involve the lasso or pen tool in a raster program (like Photoshop) or "painting" with a brush tool in a vector program (like Illustrator).  Me, I'm a rebel. I have poor patience for conscientious inking, which consequently is why my inks have inexact, uneven lines.  I prefer to call them "organic".  It worked out fine for the hair, but things like the necklace could benefit greatly from some patience. Lesson learned.  Maybe.  Flat colors will be up on Saturday.


"One Art, Please."

I am pleased to inform all readers of this blog post that yes, I actually do possess some traditional art skill.  While I prefer to draw silly things like pumpkin pets and flying toilets, it doesn't hurt to bust out something serious every once in a while. I've decided to start keeping a sketchbook again and share my favorites as they come along. Behold the girl with bared teeth.

I am currently terrible with digital inking and coloring and have chosen this sketch for some practice.  Lucky for you I like sharing my mistakes along with the successes and I plan to post the inked version on Thursday. Stay tuned!