Happy Birthday Grandma

My Grandmother's birthday is in a few days. 

She's in her early 70's (I feel no shame not knowing her exact age) and as far as electronics savvy she is a texting whiz, but not an avid internet blog reader.  So I feel pretty safe sharing the page I'm contributing to her present.  She is a very cute German lady who rides around So Cal in a convertible beamer with the top down and a scarf over her hair.

I hope she enjoys this montage of my favorite memories together with her and things that remind me of her. 

By the way, that leberwurst/liverwurst thing--when I was a kid she tricked me into eating it because she only called it by name in German.  It was one of those moments in adulthood when you're sitting across the table from the perpetrator having a nice brunch together eating rye bread and leberwurst and you realize you've been had.


Laura said...

No doubt she LOVED this! What a fun gift!

Andews Hayes said...

Your grandma will certainly feel delighted when she gets to see this. It's so sweet of you to remember even the littlest detail about her, and it shows in your drawing. More power to you and your grandma! =)

Lulu said...

I laughed so hard when I read the last part of your post, about being had :) I had a similar moment with my grandpa...*sigh* I know how you feel. (By the way-thanks for your comments on my page-you make me smile).