Blast from the Past: Lt. Dana Sterling

Many of you Robotech fans may [or may not] appreciate my fan art tribute to the Lieutenant from the Masters series (I know, Macross Saga was wayyy better) who is both saucy and annoying. Dana Sterling is technically half alien.


Blast from the Past: That One Time We Got A Wii


At the time, I was working for a part-government part-private agency as webmaster/ graphic artist/ writer-of-articles/ [insert flavored title here]. I would draw these to clear my head.  9-to-5's and I have never been very good friends.


Blast from the Past: That One Time I Got A Dog

My dog is such a liar.

We were at the animal shelter and went over to this particularly sweet-looking and affectionate puppy. Our conversation went something like this:

"Ohwwww, look at meee [sad eyes], I'm so saaaaad [pout], only you can bring love back into my liiiiife [sadder eyes]."

"Aw, look at this guy! Hey buddy [head pets]. What a sweet guy you are! Hey, he's not trying to jump on me or lick me to death. That's a good sign."

"[Single timid lick] Oh thank you, human [restrained wag]! I am a poor abandoned dog just wanting the companionship of a nice person like you [sad eyes]. I am a good boy. I am sweet and calm [activate manipulation ray]. I'm mild-mannered and manageable."

"Oh what a sweet puppy! You're so calm and mild-mannered. We could totally mange this."

"You will take me outside to play even though you have already decided to take me home [poker face, mild wag]."

"Excuse me sir, can we take this guy out back to throw a ball?"

He was very good in the car. But as soon as we got home the gloves came off.  Within the first few weeks he ate an entire leather purse [why?], shoes, drywall, 60%-70% of a couch, scratched up two doors, dug holes and we still can't pet him without first being slobbered on and licked profusely.

But he was cute. So I sketched him a lot. Here are some my favorites:

He started minding his manners after a few months, but it seems I became immune to his manipulations too late because we somehow own TWO dogs.


Blast from the Past

I was flipping through my old college stuff and found a folder full of drawings I had stored away from my post-degree/pre-children era. I thought I'd share these magical pieces of history on the blog. I considered turning it into some sort of look-at-stuff-I-drew!-month, but beh. I'll post more in the ensuing weeks as they come along.

So. Allow me to introduce the first in a very short miniseries, "The Adventures of Paige, Married". Volume 1.

Click for full view
I'm not sure what I'm pointing to in the second panel, or why we are the biggest people in the movie theater, but at least nobody is obstructing our view.

See the original sketch.


Busy? Me?

Winter is not the most motivational time for me.  I'm beginning to suspect I run completely on solar power.  I haven't had much time to draw, hence the infrequent posts, but the good news is that's because I've been working. Yes, like actual freelance work.

My most recent project is volunteer work building a Google Site for a local triathlon event.

This is one of the services my business extension, Good Layouts, offers.


Bared Teeth

She's done!

Sooner than expected, too. You can also see the progression in my Deviant Art gallery. This was a fun study. Enjoy!

Bared Teeth in Flat Color

Okay. I'm getting excited about this.

Seeing it in flat color is a bit weird compared to what it originally was.  I'm ahead of schedule so I'll post the full version in a little bit.


Bared Teeth in Ink

Here she is in all her angry, inky glory.

There are a few methods to inking and the best ones involve the lasso or pen tool in a raster program (like Photoshop) or "painting" with a brush tool in a vector program (like Illustrator).  Me, I'm a rebel. I have poor patience for conscientious inking, which consequently is why my inks have inexact, uneven lines.  I prefer to call them "organic".  It worked out fine for the hair, but things like the necklace could benefit greatly from some patience. Lesson learned.  Maybe.  Flat colors will be up on Saturday.


"One Art, Please."

I am pleased to inform all readers of this blog post that yes, I actually do possess some traditional art skill.  While I prefer to draw silly things like pumpkin pets and flying toilets, it doesn't hurt to bust out something serious every once in a while. I've decided to start keeping a sketchbook again and share my favorites as they come along. Behold the girl with bared teeth.

I am currently terrible with digital inking and coloring and have chosen this sketch for some practice.  Lucky for you I like sharing my mistakes along with the successes and I plan to post the inked version on Thursday. Stay tuned!


Happy Birthday Grandma

My Grandmother's birthday is in a few days. 

She's in her early 70's (I feel no shame not knowing her exact age) and as far as electronics savvy she is a texting whiz, but not an avid internet blog reader.  So I feel pretty safe sharing the page I'm contributing to her present.  She is a very cute German lady who rides around So Cal in a convertible beamer with the top down and a scarf over her hair.

I hope she enjoys this montage of my favorite memories together with her and things that remind me of her. 

By the way, that leberwurst/liverwurst thing--when I was a kid she tricked me into eating it because she only called it by name in German.  It was one of those moments in adulthood when you're sitting across the table from the perpetrator having a nice brunch together eating rye bread and leberwurst and you realize you've been had.


Odyssey Into 2012: Chapter 8 - The End and The Beginning

The Odyssey has drawn to a close, full of plot holes, inconsistencies, and rushed, scribbled artwork, but it was fun throwing up a doodle for each chapter.  Thanks for following along on the journey.

"I don't want to die"

Literature by BookWormMK

Now is now.
Kaylin is stepping off the Light Train. Its dark and the dry wind scratches at her face. It's the one place that doesn't come to mind when you think of New Year's Eve.
In front of her blooms a different kind of darkness. It's wet and humid. She turns around and Darus is there.
"This is it," he says. "The final gate. The last trial." He spreads his arms, and the wet warm dark spreads out and presses against her dark. He pulls his sword out of the scabbard. Kaylin stands in front of him, tensed to run.
"Running again?" He flourishes his sword. It's giving him an unfair advantage. The sword disappears.
"You should sacrifice yourself now, if you want to win," he says. The fear in his voice is unmistakable. "A fair trade, one life for all, don't you think?"
"I don't want to die," Kaylin says. Her voice is strong and afraid. She closes her eyes, and opens them. A portal of light appears between them. They both blink.
"I didn't do that. You can't do that." Darus says.
"I did." She steps forward, and they're almost nose to nose, almost in the portal. "I didn't make it. I destroyed the dark."
"Sure you did," he scoffs. She steps forward, eyes wide open. He steps forward, and they're inside the portal, and she laughs, because it's all so clear. She reaches out and touches the dark, and it's gone. They're all part of the cycle, and she reaches out and Darus disappears, is inside her.  She looks down and sees light, and she touches herself and is gone.
It's midnight. People shout "Happy New Year!" and kiss. A trail of light blows across the sky. Everything is different but no one feels it, except for one girl, sleeping, dreaming of a light that is excited and warm and asks her something.
"Kaylin," she replies.

See the full story and selected artwork here.


Odyssey Into 2012: Chapter 7 - The Zephyr Key's Host

"Kaylin summoned the light train, jumped on and disappeared in the next instant, trying to remember how to breathe."

Literature by BlindedByMemories

Kaylin struggled with all her might to keep the light train under her power as she willed it to continue on with the correct gates. The use of her power was draining most of her energy and now she stood at the front of the train, beads of sweat rolling down her neck and back. She gasped out once, forgetting to breathe because she was concentrating so much. She balled her fists tightly and then she saw a light ahead, relieved to find the next gate.
Kaylin collapsed, exhausted, and knelt down as the light train turned brighter and brighter . . .
She found herself in a dark forest. Coldness wrapped around her swiftly, making her shiver. The ground was cold and hard beneath her shoes and when she walked the frosted grass crunched. But her footsteps were not alone. Soon she heard others and when she turned around she saw Darus.
"Kaylin," he said with a wicked grin.
Kaylin thrust her hand out and her Zephyr snapped the tree in half and it craned towards Darus. But he swiftly jumped out of the way and grinned like a sly cat as the tree crashed into the ground loudly.
"Such a pity that your power will go to waste," he murmured, walking closer to her. With every step he took closer, she took one step backwards.
"What do you mean?" Kaylin asked. Her zephyr broiled in her mind, at the ready.
"You are the Zephyr Key, Kaylin," Darus spoke softly. "It's your duty to destroy the last gate, not open it. If you open it you will continue this process over and over again . . . No one has ever had the courage to destroy the last gate because if they do they will disappear with it."
"Why are you telling me this?" Kaylin asked, her heart pounding against her rib cage frantically.
"You have a right to know," Darus said.
And before Darus could say anything else Kaylin summoned the light train, jumped on and disappeared in the next instant, trying to remember how to breathe.

Follow the story development here.