Odyssey Into 2012: Prologue

Literature by Techgnotic

"She awakes before an open "gate". She does not know her name or remember anything that has come before.
She has a sense that she is on a quest of most dire consequence for herself and perhaps the whole world.
In her pocket she finds a tattered calendar page for December 2011. Eight dates are circled: every Wednesday
and every Saturday. In her other pocket she finds a piece of paper upon which are scribbled two words: "Tokyo"
and "Zephyr". She senses that she has somehow opened this first gate, and that she must now pass through it
and journey to Tokyo. She must find whomever or whatever "Zephyr" might be, the next important clue to
resolving her quest, her fate, her destiny..."

Here are the roughs, scanned in and slapped next to each other.

Follow the story development here.

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Laura said...

You are so talented!