Odyssey Into 2012 : Chapter 6 - The Zephyr Key

"Your tyranny ends here!"
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Literature by akatony1

Kaylin struggled with doubt. The fear of what she had done set into her thoughts, piercing her with worry. She knew Darus would fight her at every turn, but she had fought off herself from different dimensions. She had absorbed their knowledge, turning it into her own strength.
Powers stronger than any she'd ever known now coursed through her. She knew that this was not Zephyr. She'd absorbed the powers of alternate dimensions. Notus, Boreas, and Eurus. These three powers had been added to hers, and it frightened her.
The light train struggled against her. Darus was trying to fight back. She concentrated her powers, all four, into the next gate. It appeared before her, beckoning her to pass through, but Darus stopped the light train.
"You think you've won?" Kaylin smarted to him.
"I know I've won Kaylin, though, I never suspected you would wipe your own memory." He appeared in the train with her, holding the same sword he had killed countless innocent people with.
"Your tyranny ends here!" Kaylin summoned her energies again, and the light train passed through the gate, flinging Darus from the train.
Kaylin pulled out the book of timelines. Her odds were considerably better, but still grim. She flipped through it, trying to find anything that would help her with her quest. Then she found the notes:

Darus has found the Zephyr key. He sealed the eight gates, rendering it to its weakest state. He plans to destroy it on midnight of New Years eve. Such a trauma to the Earth would cause it to implode, killing everyone. I must report back to others.

Kaylin flipped through to the last entry in the book:

Darus has killed everyone. Kaylin is all that's left of our group. She disappeared a month ago. If I can find her, all may not be lost. I have to tell her that by passing through the eight gates their seal will break, and the Zephyr key, no, the world, can be saved.

She closed the notebook. This is what he had planned. He had hoped she could release all the seals. She only hoped his trust hadn't been misguided.

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