Odyssey Into 2012: Chapter 5 - The Rainbow Connection

Literature by AlexanderTheSoSo

The Light Train took on a new timbre around her. Her knowledge unlocked, she did not ride, but drive. The Train bent around to her command. She yelled in triumph! Backwards, to before it began. She could stop him at the start. Kaylin steered the Train, her body, soul, one with the Light. Then it fought her, bucking and twisting.

Her eyes opened. Kaylin wasn't alone. She was there. Kaylin, in purple. Kaylin, in green. Kaylin, in blue, yellow, orange, and violet.  Each one steering, fighting. Yellow died first, a possible future snuffed out, and it's Light joined the Train. The others, alerted to the danger, fought back, but her Zephyr sang as their's did not. Their numbers nearly took her, but she dodged and twisted, bending the Train around her. The other Kaylin's Zephyrs spent themselves uselessly on nothing.  The purple clad Kaylin stood last and best. Purple seemed to draw the powers of the defeated to her, growing in strength with each death.  Face to face, sweat poured, her every grimace and groan of exertion mirrored a foot in front of her. Finally, the other Kaylin faltered, and the Zephyr took her, fading away to beams of Light.  The Train moved, and Kaylin arrived at her destination.  She stood, seeing herself, in red, standing at a shelf, scanning book titles. Kaylin grabbed a scrap of paper, writing Tokyo, and Zephyr.  She ripped the page from a desktop calendar, circling the dates. She strode to herself, and shoved the scraps in her own pockets. As the unknowing Kaylin turned, the empowered Kayin raised a hand, her Zephyr destroying; memory, purpose, her world around her. Back on the train, Darus' laughter filled her ears, and as the Train shifted again through the gate, doubt crept into her mind.

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LOVE the colors and detail.