Odyssey Into 2012: Chapter 4 - Where the End Begins

Literature by myomi-chan

The breeze brought the scent of pine needles to her before she got off the train. She touched the bark of a tree.
The breeze suddenly picked up. Her eyes did not widen in surprise this time-- they stayed solidly open as she saw a shadow form in front of her. She had time only to jump to the side before the tree whose bark she had touched was impaled by a sword-- his sword. The tree quivered, sighed, and then there was nothing where it once stood.
His eyes met hers.
She ran.
She knew how he fought. Everything about Darus-- the timbre of his voice, his unforgiving eyes, his majestic fighting style, his laugh-- everything came flying to the front of her mind. He would cut her down, but not if if she kept moving. Speed was her forte, her game to play, the only one she was sure she could win.
Hunted, panting, determined, moving. The endless circle of predator and prey continued, but she knew it had to end. Eventually, one would give up, and the other would triumph.
He wants me to be scared of him, she thought, because if I am, I will not notice how scared he is of me.
She remembered pushing him off a cliff had been the first time she used her Zephyr. Making the cliff he had stood on fade away beneath his feet.
His Zephyr was to create. Hers was to destroy.
And now he wanted to change their roles.
She stopped. Turned. Saw his startled expression.
Felt the sword pierce through her before either of them could scream.
And then she destroyed the pain. The sword shook, and then faded away.
Her half-lidded eyes snapped open. Darus laughed, and then the Light Train was back, and she knew by the sickening plummeting into darkness that she had passed another trial.
Zephyr. The knowledge that was life and death, existence and nothingness.
She had traded that for freedom.
But she was destruction. Even her temporary ignorance could not escape that part of her.

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