Odyssey Into 2012: Chapter 3 - Labyrinth of Dreams

Literature by birchdryadgirl

Another clumsy jump and a stumble with outstretched arms...... Kaylin was back on the train. "Light is faster than words" the book had said, and she swore it was being cynical. "But not thought!" she shot back. That should shut it up for awhile.

They said the Light Train waits for no-one, but it waited for him. Or as long as the speed of light can wait. But it was enough for Darus. And as soon as he stepped in she knew the threshold had been crossed. She was no longer safe. The traps were set. The game had begun.

Her mind was invaded. He brushed everything aside light as a wind, rushing through memories she didn't know she had. She only caught snatches: a sad smile, a blue-white ribbon (it had to be lost), and a burning heart.

She was thrust into his mind. Memories trapped her. At every turn she had to shield herself. A labyrinth of dreams. They pressed in on her, overwhelming, and she fought back with every fiber of her being. But he was stronger, they threatened to erase her very essence. Her soul was chocking, losing, burning and morphing away.

Silence. She didn't have to fight. She accepted them, the memories a waterfall that sated her parched mind.

Knowledge. The bane of existence. It filled the recesses of her mind and fit like a key.

Zephyr. The power of knowing, of being a searching wind, intangible, invulnerable, no-one can stop. Now it was hers.

Her eyne were open and she could see. The Light Train sped on but she reached for the dark. The twisted knot that sucked in even light pulled them through into the next world. The next gate awaited, the next trial demanded. The judge had left,  and nothing was right.

Why did he give her this power? Did he want her to save the cities?

She looked around for him, but he was gone. His imprint clung to the air: Until the next time, kitling. Prithee hark the sweven.


So I scratched this out in about two constantly interrupted hours.  I thought black and white would be more fun for this chapter illustration so I could play with some positive/negative space. Overall I think meh. If you've got time to kill, try to find all these images I've placed the picture:  A book, a burning heart, a zephyr, the Light Train, a ribbon, a figure in a chair and a figure bowing to it, a man with a goatee in a tuxedo, burning Tokyo, a kneeling girl with reaching arms, a sad smile, a figure falling off a cliff reaching upwards, two figures running away, a wooded passage.  This is starting to feel like a Highlights magazine picture.

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Laura said...

Ok, this is amazing. Some of the images took me a while to find. It's an incredible interpretation of a tormented dream.