Odyssey Into 2012: Chapter 2 - Just Like Old Times

Coming up with a concept and illustrating it in three and a half days is quite a challenge!

Literature by Billblogins

This isn't the Tokyo she remembers.

The hilltop view is chaos. Fires consume miles around, wind stirs the fumes, skyscrapers crumble. She gasps. Memories, however scattered, tell her this is wrong. They fixed this. Prevented this.

Hadn't they?

She'd made a deal once to forget all this, to move on. Was her mind clearing?

Behind her, a rustle. A man. Tall fit. Dressed simply, holding a tattered book.

"Who are you?" She steps back.

"I trained you. We were... partners. For a while..."

"...Jackson." She eyes the city. "Didn't we... fix this?"

"We did. We fixed everything, actually."

"What happened?"



"You left. We made the world perfect. Fixed history. Then sat. We had thought we were working towards going home. Cycles passed, Darus soured, believing we were all fated to traverse the gates without true course, forever. But you... You left with the only ticket out. Then Darus devised a plan: undo some of our greatest repairs…"

"And bring me back…" She whispers.

"Because once you're back and we're all dead, he thinks he can leave."

"But this was destined... So... I left for nothing, just to serve as instigation." She sighs. "Darus, I can't remember him well..."

"Perhaps that's best, you two have history that isn't pretty. It'll come to you, I'm sure."

"This calendar, these dates…?" She asks.

"The dates he will undo. I've been to the end of this, I've seen how this plays out, Kaylin..."

Her real name... Why did it feel wrong?


"Good to see it's coming back to you..." He opens his book. "3,722 different end scenarios, of those, you only survive in four. Of those four you only actually defeat him... in one."

"I have one chance?" She turns away.

"Yes... and you'll have to do this without me. In every scenario... I die."

She turns back but it's too late. The Blade protrudes from his chest. Blood Seeps. He drops.

She looks for the assailant but she is alone.

The wind stills.

The static crackles. Light blinds. Pressure grows. The gate opens, she grasps onto hope...

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Laura said...

This is seriously cool. I love the reflection in the eye.