Odyssey Into 2012: Chapter 1 - The Light Train

Literature by thestaccattobutterfly

It's static --
trapped between her fingers, buzzing in her ears. 
A heartbeat lost in the echoes of her rib cage.
And yes, of course: the intermittent pounding, the thundering, the rush of blood through her veins.
Was that fear?
She'd once been foolish enough to believe that no one could lure her in to this. A ribbon of smokescreen smiles, flashes of deceptive lies, and she was sold for the price of forever. As the cold air smacks into her face and turns her hair to tangled strands, she struggles to maintain her hold on the tattered calendar. It's ripped from the wall, December 2011 in bold Serif typeface filling the upper left corner. Eight dates circled in red. Eight trials, none of them easy, and her mouth runs dry at the thought. She folds the calendar and slips it into the right pocket of her jeans.
The scribbles of "Zephyr" and "Tokyo", etched so hard onto the paper that she can feel their outlines, is snuggled in the comfort of her left pocket. She wonders if he is still there, at that place, after so long without contact between them. Waiting for her, perhaps; waiting for this blindsided girl to fall back into the spider's web, one she'd thought she'd escaped many years ago.
A streak of light rushes by. She runs, tumbles, nearly misses; her fingers fumble for something to hold on to. The night is clear. Only the stars watch her struggle to maintain her balance, before she pitches forward to carpeted floors. The Light Train waits for no one. But she's inside, at the very least.

She's inside and going nowhere, fast.

Her eyes close. The train vanishes in the bright embrace of a shooting star.

There's no turning back.

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Laura said...

Awesome! I love your shadowing and highlights.