Day 30: A Congrats Banner for Finishing the Challenge

I am not a very consistent person. Ask my volleyball team. So instead of just a banner I thought I'd throw myself a parade for finishing all 30 days of the challenge.

Some of my friends from 80's Saturday cartoons helped me throw it.  And there's a snake too.  Jem and the Transformers couldn't make it because they're too detailed to draw.

Thank you everyone who visited or left comments. You make me feel important and validated as a human.  If any of my posts have inspired you or made you crack a smile, then I've done my job. I've learned a lot about absolutely nothing and had fun doing it.  I've also had requests to do another 30-day challenge and will probably participate again in the future.

Stay tuned for more Paige Things after I take a short break. Or in other words:


Laura said...

It's the end of the 30 days?!? Nooooo!!!!!!!!
I've loved this challenge with a capital L. You're amazingly talented.

The Fergy Bunch said...

I have to say I made sure to check you blog everyday to see all your drawings now I will miss see all you stuff.

Charlene said...

I loved seeing something fresh every day! You're so talented!!! :) I will miss getting to click over to see what the challenge was for that day.

Congrats for being so consistent and getting through. I'd throw a parade for myself, too, if I could!