Day 3: Your Favorite Food

Food is a hard thing for me to draw.   While I was sketching yesterday, various family members thought I was drawing

1. a band-aid
2. a skateboard
3. a cigar
4. a loaf of bread
5. hairy ice cream (that was my spouse's guess).


Delicious-looking, isn't it.

I am happy to inform the world that my favorite food is none of those tantalizing consumables, but in fact, mozzarella sticks.  Thank you digital painting programs.

Also pastries.  I love pastries.

 Thank goodness nobody saw my croissant sketch.

Because I thought it looked a little like...


Charlene said...

Yay! Stay Puft man!!!! Love it!!!

Laura said...

I smile the whole time I read your posts. :-)
I love that you are putting your sketch in along with the finished product.
Can't wait to check in tomorrow!!