Day 29: A Place You Want To Go

I'd like to go to Japan someday.  Because Japan is full of awesome. 

And here are a few more kinds of Japanese awesome:




Where do you want to go?


Martin said...

yup, japan is wackadoo. so many odd--so very odd--things you can buy from vending machines... when you do go make sure you go to Kawagoe and a block or so away from the first stop before the main eki is a 2 dollar ramen shop that is so greasy and delicious you won't believe it.

I'd like to go to Swakopmund! A city on the atlantic coast of Namibia. it loks fun.

Laura said...

Wales! Actually, I'd be happy seeing the world.

charlene said...

If money were no object - Europe! On our limited budget - Lincoln City!!