Day 2: Your Favorite Animal

I love silly fat things.  Included in this list, categorized under animals of course, are raccoons, squirrels, bears, trash cat, kiwi birds, and the occasional obese house pet.  One of which I own.  Her name is Peach.  She is a "special" dog and we love her very much.  She loves butter. 


She is technically not our pet, but the companion pet of our other dog, Otto.

He loves balls. My favorite animal is their collective dog binary-system entity. Here they are in a true-color family portrait.

Yes, Peach is wearing socks.


Charlene said...

OH! I love butter, too...maybe that's why I look so much like Peach?

Paige said...

Butter is the best!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, I love this series you are doing. You are SO talented! I love your drawings!!