Day 30: A Congrats Banner for Finishing the Challenge

I am not a very consistent person. Ask my volleyball team. So instead of just a banner I thought I'd throw myself a parade for finishing all 30 days of the challenge.

Some of my friends from 80's Saturday cartoons helped me throw it.  And there's a snake too.  Jem and the Transformers couldn't make it because they're too detailed to draw.

Thank you everyone who visited or left comments. You make me feel important and validated as a human.  If any of my posts have inspired you or made you crack a smile, then I've done my job. I've learned a lot about absolutely nothing and had fun doing it.  I've also had requests to do another 30-day challenge and will probably participate again in the future.

Stay tuned for more Paige Things after I take a short break. Or in other words:


Day 29: A Place You Want To Go

I'd like to go to Japan someday.  Because Japan is full of awesome. 

And here are a few more kinds of Japanese awesome:




Where do you want to go?


Day 28: Anything You'd Like

I really enjoyed the bright sunshine while I was out of state, but I'm emo sad from all this cloudy weather. So emo sad I didn't feel like drawing anything. So I drew nothing.

The Nothing.


Day 27: Someone You Love

I love my mommy.  Which is also why my post is quite late today.

I flew out of state for her 50th birthday surprise party.  But I'm back now.


Day 26: Something You Don't Like

I SEVERELY DISLIKE dirty bathrooms and dirty toilets and having to touch them with my skin.

Sometimes I have nightmares about it.


Day 25: Scenery

This was from a photo I saw in a book about Oregon. I like the patterns of the land and the happy little balloon hanging out over it.


Day 24: A Couple

I wasn't sure who to draw.  I wanted somebody totally excellent.

Here's a quick and disproportionate sketch of Bill & Ted.


Day 23: Something You Need

I'm good.  I've got all my basic needs met. Plus internet.

And no, I don't normally keep my fridge on the front porch, but for the sake of illustration I brought it out for some fresh air.


Day 22: Something You Miss

I miss my friend, the Sun.  We used to hang.

We don't see each other much anymore. But at least I didn't get totally ditched like Alaska. Apparently they have some sort of on-again-off-again relationship.


Day 19: Something New

Today I went to a pumpkin patch for the first time ever.  That's new.  They had goats.  Goats are not new.  But these goats had scary eyes. Scary goat eyes with horizontal pupils that look like Hypnotoad.

That's new.  Maybe all goats have scary Hypnotoad eyes.


Day 17: Your Favorite Plant

Aside from grass and trees and things that make oxygen, I love Fuchsias.  And I think the Swingtime variety are the prettiest.


Day 16: Your Inspiration

I'm a sucker for the "lone-warrior-on-a-quest" tales.  I'm inspired by character, place, story and music, and how they all fit together.  What inspires you?


Day 15: Your Family Picture

My family picture is pretty simple.  There are three of us. I'm mostly polynesian and my husband is mostly Danish.  We both have some German too.

Apparently the Danish are known for consuming the most candy per capita in the world.  This is true in our household. DO NOT let my husband make kool-aid.  The islander diet is still relatively new to the mass consumption of processed sugars, so with our genetic powers combined, this means our offspring are likely doomed to diabetes.  Yayyy.

As a kid I expected to have children with dark hair, dark eyes and could be in the sun for more than ten minutes.  Somehow we ended up with a blonde child, which throws everything I ever thought I learned about genetics out the window.  It also opens the question up of what can our future children possibly look like?  After extensively mapping out our genetic code, these are the most likely possibilities:

Red hair. No skin pigment. Why not?

No comment. I don't want to anger them.

Bad eyes, teeth, skin, schizophrenic. Cures cancer at age 9. But not diabetes.

Blonde hair, green eyes, great tan, forgets he is American.

We already have a Duck. Who knows, we might have more animal children.

With diabetes.


Artwork: Circles of Light and Illusion

I found this series by Jessica Diamond fascinating.

They're currently on display at the Snow College Art Gallery. See them all on her website.

Day 14: Your Favorite Fairytale

My faaaaaaaavorite fairy tale story is The Last Unicorn.  Here are some foofy clouds and a magic narwhal-horse.


Day 12: Your Most Recent Accomplishment

Though every small feat should be celebrated (like finishing client paperwork, planning advertisements, paying bills, using the big-kid potty) I can hardly call checking something off my to-do list an accomplishment.  The most difficult thing to do these days is to take a break.  And though it required great effort,

I took a nap.


Day 10: Your Favorite Candy

5th Avenue hands down. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Tell me names of candies you like. I want ideas for my next grocery run.


Day 9: Your Favorite TV Show

I'm enthralled with the story from Battlestar Galactica right now.

Sesame Street is pretty awesome too though. I still love that they have a monster who lives in a trash can.


Day 8: Your Favorite Animated Character

Pretty, stoic, sarcastic, loyal, prefers a giant sword and fights monsters. Behold my unfinished line art tribute to Paine from Final Fantasy X-2.


Day 6: Your Favorite Book Character

I don't really read books with characters.  At least not since I finished the last Harry Potter book 7 years ago.

Instead I prefer riveting nonfiction like Getting to Yes and Black holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays, my most favorite of which is a book called Influence by Robert Cialdini. Influence discusses from a social psychologist perspective why we may make the decisions we do.  In a chapter about commitment and consistency, Cialdini tells the story of his neighbor Sara and her live-in boyfriend Tim that I like to sum up like this:

They met at the hospital where they both worked and dated for a while, even after Tim lost his job. Then they moved in together.  Things didn't go perfectly for her and she became increasingly unhappy with the situation. Sara wanted Tim to marry her and stop his heavy drinking, but he didn't want to do either of those. So she broke it off and kicked him out.  Sara started seeing an old boyfriend, eventually got engaged and sent out wedding invitations.  Then Tim called and asked her to take him back.  He promised to marry her, but she said she preferred her fianceĆ©.  Tim volunteered to quit drinking.  Sara then decided that Tim was the better choice and dumped her husband-to-be and retracted the wedding invitations.  Ouch.

Within a month of moving back in with her, Tim decided he didn't need to stop drinking after all. After another month, decided they should wait and see about getting married.  Cialdini reports that after 2 years of moving back in, Tim still drinks, there are no marriage plans, and Sara is even more devoted to him than ever before.


Great story.


Day 5: Your Best Friend

I have not one, but a few best friends.  They are the kind that are not afraid to be goof-off idiots with you, and also tell you when you're being the bad kind of idiot. One of them I've known for around 20 years, so seniority dictates blah blah blah.


I've always thought her eyes look like perfect crescent moons when she smiles. And although she has never had a sassy Yuna hair style, I drew her with one anyway. I found it appropriate. She is quite sassy, you know.

Aside from her many fabulous qualities, she also brought me a pad of elephant poo paper recently.


Day 4: Your Favorite Place

I've always liked being in my room. It was a nice place for imaginations to run wild.  In college I had a giant closet with three sliding doors that took up an entire wall. I used this instead of a scrap book.

My current "I'm a grown-up room" is quite boring. I think I need an office.


Day 3: Your Favorite Food

Food is a hard thing for me to draw.   While I was sketching yesterday, various family members thought I was drawing

1. a band-aid
2. a skateboard
3. a cigar
4. a loaf of bread
5. hairy ice cream (that was my spouse's guess).


Delicious-looking, isn't it.

I am happy to inform the world that my favorite food is none of those tantalizing consumables, but in fact, mozzarella sticks.  Thank you digital painting programs.

Also pastries.  I love pastries.

 Thank goodness nobody saw my croissant sketch.

Because I thought it looked a little like...


Day 2: Your Favorite Animal

I love silly fat things.  Included in this list, categorized under animals of course, are raccoons, squirrels, bears, trash cat, kiwi birds, and the occasional obese house pet.  One of which I own.  Her name is Peach.  She is a "special" dog and we love her very much.  She loves butter. 


She is technically not our pet, but the companion pet of our other dog, Otto.

He loves balls. My favorite animal is their collective dog binary-system entity. Here they are in a true-color family portrait.

Yes, Peach is wearing socks.