Elephant Poo

Okay. How cool is this. One of my best friends growing up visited recently.  She was a double-decker bus tour guide at the San Diego Zoo and brought this ELEPHANT POO pad of paper to me as a present. That's right.  Elephant poo.

The paper manufacturer explains their line of thinking to this effect:

Elephants eat lots of grass.  That means elephants make lots of poo also.

Grass is fiber.

Poo is fiber.

Paper is made of fiber.    .   ...  ....HEY!

Know someone who'd appreciate the gift?  3 months til Christmas. You can order more elephant poo products online at the Sandiego Zoo Store.

And no, I haven't touched it with my hands yet.


Lulu said...

Crazy stuff!!! I'd be afraid to touch it, or smell it...I don't know what to think. Cool concept I guess? lol

Laura said...

That is hilarious! At the Seattle Zoo, they have a class so you can make some yourself. I did not attend - bleck!