More "other important things"

Speakers from a conference

Some rainbow clouds

This is part of my couch

Hey look it's a badger I think

I took an online comic class 

We reviewed the relationship between pictures and words

This was an accomplishment worth noting

How do you measure the passage of time?

You could get a lot further in one hour if you went a way that wasn't full of other cars


Yeah, I'm still here...

I've been busy doing other important things. But I've been busy doing other other important things also. Here are some of them from my sketchbook:

My dog died so I drew him going on some new adventures

With tromp and roll spots

In the correct orientation

Dog dreams

This is my water bottle. I put it in the dishwasher when instructions clearly said NOT to, so the bottom is warped and protrudes, and it doesn't stand correctly anymore.

I actually checked out a book that broke down noses and lips for me. Very helpful.

For the record, the woman was not wearing the crystal bowl on her head

Practice practice practice

More practice

More practice

and more practice

Buddy octopus guy and some faces with watercolor brush pens

This was just last week

More to come.


Drawing Old Stuff: Something blue

Don't think I'll ever be over the magic of mermaids.


Not sure if I completely hate the background or only slightly hate the background. But here it is.


Coloring old stuff: If Mercury was a girl running around in a ribbon

Playing around with fabric opacity and hair. 

Some people (most people) like to post their best work on online portfolios/tumblrs/whatevses. Not me. I like posting mistakes and imperfect stuff. That's how the journey goes.  

This didn't turn out so badly.



Coloring old stuff: Assassin From Above

Wow, a year since my last post. Depression plus copious amounts of responsibility are not so good for inspiration or motivation. 

I went through my old sketchbooks and tore out some favorites to color. First up: this gal.