Drawing Old Stuff: Something blue

Don't think I'll ever be over the magic of mermaids.


Not sure if I completely hate the background or only slightly hate the background. But here it is.


Coloring old stuff: If Mercury was a girl running around in a ribbon

Playing around with fabric opacity and hair. 

Some people (most people) like to post their best work on online portfolios/tumblrs/whatevses. Not me. I like posting mistakes and imperfect stuff. That's how the journey goes.  

This didn't turn out so badly.



Coloring old stuff: Assassin From Above

Wow, a year since my last post. Depression plus copious amounts of responsibility are not so good for inspiration or motivation. 

I went through my old sketchbooks and tore out some favorites to color. First up: this gal.



Poor Grandpa

Yes, I'm still around. Here's a comic.

This is a friendly reminder to not leave your deceased loved ones trapped in urns on a hot day.


Day 30: Inspiration

Sorry guys, I was in trouble as soon as I wrote centauricorn yesterday. The inspiration was unavoidable. I mean, look at all that majesty! It just can't not be done.

So I decided to do a google search on centaurs. You know what I found? Centaurs are hard core. You don't want to mess with centaurs. Why? Because they'll shoot at ANYTHING and they look awesome while doing it. Here are some of the pictures I found:

Look at this guy. Who hunts while performing ballet? Centaurs. 

And this guy. He FLIES. Ever heard of a pegacentaur? What can you even shoot at that high in the air? Pterodactyls. 

Check this one out. He's shooting at the ocean. The OCEAN. Why do centaurs shoot at oceans? Because they stop tidal waves. You're welcome, India.

Look at this guy. He's clearly shooting at a thunderstorm. Bleep you, thunderstorm, I don't feel like rain today! There is too much awesome in this picture.

So yeah, that's the end of drawing challenge #2. Hope you enjoyed the ride!